6 Unique Features for Your Deck

Unique features for your deck

If you’re looking to build a new deck or add to/renovate your existing one, you may wonder what creative elements you can add. There are many unique features that you can include in a deck build, including customizing the size and shape to complement your unique yard shape perfectly. If you want inspiration for your dream deck design, keep reading.

  1. Built-in Planters

Adding built-in planters along a few of the edges of your first-floor deck will help to wall off the sides while keeping your yard looking great. Plant beautiful flowers, small bushes, or a food planet garden to add beauty and privacy to your space. Built-in planters can be a great way to add style to an existing deck or can be built into new deck construction projects to make decorating easier.

  1. Outdoor Deck Kitchen 

Patio and deck spaces are perfect for a backyard cookout, so why not have an outdoor kitchen? An outdoor kitchen will allow you to go beyond just grilling. By adding a kitchen to your deck, you can spend more time outside with friends and family and less time running back and forth between the kitchen and outdoors. You can add cabinets, a sink, griddle, oven, countertops, and more.

  1. Under Deck Roof

If you have a second-floor deck with a patio beneath, you know that when it rains, the patio underneath gets wet as rainwater drips between the planks of your deck. If you want to eliminate this problem and create a functional space underneath your patio, consider adding a deck drainage system and roof under your deck. This will divert rainwater, keeping your patio dry and usable, even when the deck is not.

  1. Deck Screen

A deck screen and roof system work to provide shade and keep pests out, making your deck usable in light rain, during the heat of the day, and during the evening when mosquitoes are at their worst. Screening in your deck will allow you to use it almost year-round and allow you to add ceiling fans/lights, furniture, and even TVs to your outdoor space easily.

  1. Curved Railing Section

Curved deck railings help to improve the appearance of your deck. They accomplish this in two ways. The first is adding a unique, eye-catching appearance to your deck, and the second is giving your deck the illusion that it is bigger than it actually is. Curved railings can be made custom-fit for your deck, making them the perfect option for a truly unique deck design.

  1. Privacy Fence

If you’re feeling a little too close to your neighbors for comfort, consider adding a privacy fence to one or more sides of your deck in place of handrails. These can be done in a decorative manner, so your privacy fence doesn’t have to look like you’re just installing it to block out your neighbors. Having a privacy fence can also tie together a space more easily, creating a cozier look to your deck.

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