Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture

outdoor deck furniture in an upscale urban backyard

Enjoying the beautiful weather outdoors is made better on your new deck, but that enjoyment is nothing unless you and your family can be comfortable. That space is nothing without the right outdoor deck furniture, which needs to be just as durable as it is comfortable. Your outdoor furniture should be able to survive the elements, as well as fit in with the style of your deck.

Foremost, you need to know what to look for before choosing a new outdoor furniture set. Because you will probably spend the most time on your deck during the summer months, you need furniture that will withstand damage from the sun and temperature. Exposure to UV rays can lead to fading materials, which will drastically change the appearance and aesthetics. Heat will also cause most materials to expand, and constant expansion and contraction will cause cracking, warping, or splitting.

Summer storms are not uncommon, and rain and moisture can also be a problem for some outdoor furniture. Metals with iron are vulnerable to corrosion, which leads to rust and discoloration. Moisture can also weaken some materials, which may lead to warping or bowing of the original shape. Storms can also bring heavy winds, and you will not want furniture that will blow over or be thrown into the neighbor’s yard.

The most durable furniture will last years under all of those aforementioned conditions. But furniture can also get worn down through lots of usage. Plus, if you do not care for or clean your furniture, then the durability (and appearance) will be affected.

Based on how well some materials can withstand what Mother Nature can throw at them, different materials have different lifespans. Cast aluminum or wicker furniture can last at least 15 years, but if you want something more resilient, consider wrought iron or teak furniture, either can last at least 25 years.

Good outdoor furniture will last for decades, and your deck furniture should be able to last just as long as your new deck can. When your home needs that extra space to house your new outdoor deck furniture, the builders at Signature Decks can help guide you through the process, and give you all the advice you need.

At Signature Decks, all of our projects bring the strength and durability that you would expect with a fresh addition. For more information on the benefits of adding a screened-in room to your house, call Signature Decks today at 616.896.2866. As a premier company, it is our duty to provide the customer with their dream construction.


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