Revive Your Deck Without Replacing It

A deck repair in progress. New wood planks being installed on an elevated wrap around deck with white guard rail.

You want to host friends and family again this summer, but you are embarrassed that your deck has gone into disarray. Old boards are splitting, loose screws are falling out, and some paint is peeling. Before tearing the whole thing out and starting all over, weigh the options to see if deck repair is an option before replacing it all.

By examining parts of your deck, you can determine if it is only certain pieces that need to be fixed, or if you are better off investing in a new deck. The first thing you can look at are the boards themselves. Any extensive surface damage can be remedied by swapping out the old ones with the new. Surface damage can happen due to wood rot, water intrusion, or mold. If it is only a few boards affected, then you can replace them. But if most of the surface is damaged, consider a new deck.

Unstable railings aren’t just a structural problem, but they could lead to serious injuries. That instability can affect not just the top of the deck, but the structure below it as well. Depending on the lean or wobble, and the physical location of those railings, you may repair them and keep the structure intact. However, if the wood is soft or warped, it may show a worse problem, leading to a full deck replacement.

Over time, you may notice gaps between the deck and your house. These ledger boards are used to keep the deck in place by attaching to your house, but when they are damaged the weight of the deck can pull them off. A leaning deck could be the start of a bigger problem, and even though some repairs might solve the problem, they could have had a negative effect on other areas, creating safety hazards.

Decks typically sit on strong posts that are set into concrete, giving them a solid base. Through the years, water can erode the base of the deck, causing the deck to sit looser on its base. Advanced erosion can destabilize the deck, and can lead to problems much worse than just a wobble.

Ultimately, to know for sure if your deck can survive with repairs, you need to have a professional give it an inspection. The builders at Signature Decks can help guide you through the process, and give you all the advice you need.

At Signature Decks, all of our projects bring the strength and durability that you would expect with a fresh addition. For more information on how you can turn your outdoor space into something unique with a custom deck design, call Signature Decks today at 616.896.2866. As a premier company, it is our duty to provide the customer with their dream construction.

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