Does Deck Elevation Matter?

Deck elevation is an important requirement during the construction process. An elevated deck off a sloped backyard of a house.

Deck design is extremely important during the planning stages of your home remodel. You might think that all you need to worry about is the space that your deck will add, but that square footage accounts for only the length and width of the design. Just as important to the construction of your deck is the height, and deck elevation plays a vital role.

Not only will the height of your deck influence the vibe of your outdoor space, but it can influence your home’s foundation. When a deck is built so that you can easily step out of your door and onto deck, it’s not only that way for convenience. An elevated deck can even protect your home, whereas a deck that is built level with your home can lead to water damaging your foundation.

Each part of your deck will be responsible for how much or how little water affects your home. For instance, the flashing that connects your home to the deck is in place to keep out all moisture, redirecting it elsewhere so your foundation is not harmed. The ledger is the lid to the flashing, and if that becomes loose, it will allow water damage to occur, and can even lead to other safety issues.

While having a deck that is too low can be an issue, if you can eliminate all the sources of water damage, it can come with some benefits. Low decks are preferable for homes with lower level walkouts, and homes without a second story really have no other option.

If your home allows it, having a higher elevated deck can open up many benefits. A second story deck is not limited to just that space, but you can utilize the area beneath it. Especially if your home has a lower-level walkout, you can create a smaller patio below your deck. Otherwise, you could use that space for storing garden or yard tools.

Higher elevations are not always possible, but with the proper space it can be a real treat. Not only are you granted more space for your deck to have a decent gathering of friends and family, but the elevation allows you to have barbecues or cookouts with an excellent view of nature itself.

Utilizing the space you have means utilizing it in all three dimensions. The builders at Signature Decks and Construction can help guide you through the process, and give you all the advice you need

At Signature Decks and Construction, all of our projects bring the strength and durability that you would expect with a fresh addition. For more information on the benefits of adding a screened-in room to your house, call Signature Decks and Construction today at 616-896-2866. As a premier remodeling company, it is our duty to provide the customer with their dream construction.

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